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Introduction to Engenderhealth


Become a Certified NVivo 12 Learner Today on Fundamentals for Windows course. Please check your version of NVivo to ensure you are taking the correct course. To confirm go to File > Help > About NVivo.

Our online courses reflect NVivo 12.2 version. For the best learning experience, please check you have installed NVivo 12.2 and above. To see your current version:

NVivo Core Skills (Windows)


Designed for: researchers and students who are new to the latest version of NVivo or as a refresher to upgrade
Total commitment: 12-14 hours
Learning support: trainer-led; 1 x live webinar & forum
Course access: 4 weeks from log-in
Format: online, self-paced with a User Certification assessment
Certification: pass rate of 80% & above - digital User Certification badge

Learning outcomes - master the core functionalities to apply the latest version of NVivo to your project, including:

  • Import: Importing Word docs, PDFs, audio, video and images into NVivo; use Transcription
  • Organize: Organizing codes, code text and create codes; apply coding stripes and highlights; use cases with classification and attributes; memos and linking to files
  • Explore: Exploring lexical queries, word frequency and text search; apply code and matrix queries; illustrate with visualizations such as mind maps, comparison diagrams and chart coding